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The quality of the pillow you select determines the quality of sleep you get. In fact, sleeping ingredients like pillows help in keeping the neck in a supportive position without harming the spine alignment and offering a sound and comfortable sleep.

On the other hand, the wrong choice of that pillow can worsen the neck pain and cervical problem. Furthermore, pillows if not chosen carefully can lead to stressing out the neck and can lead to a lot of health problems as well as neck stiffness.

Therefore, each one of us must know our sleeping needs and invest time and efforts in finding a pillow that is of the right firmness and right height depending on the person’s size, personal preferences, and sleeping position.

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Best Neck Pain Pillows for your Sleeping Positions

Sleeping positions are the most important factor in shaping the quality of the pillow. An appropriate sleeping position like on the stomach, back, or side with neck pain is essential to know the right position and right pillow.

1. When sleeping on the back position: A reasonably low pillow is healthier in this position. Additional support can be offered by adding a small roll-shaped or small rolled towel pillow placed under the neck. The memory foam pillow can be positioned in the pillowcase. Some pillows merge both the elements by encompassing a roll-shaped for the neck and a lower, deeper area for the head. Some people find it helpful to change the sleep position and switch the pillow to gain extreme comfort. For instance, people have discovered that sleeping with the pillow inserted under the shoulders can be more comfortable. You might feel that this position as the head is slightly extended, you feel relieved from muscle and neck pain. For sleeping on the back side, it is great to position a pillow beneath the knees to reduce strain on the lower back.

2. When sleeping on the side position: A pillow must be chosen where head and neck are aligned straight above the shoulders. A roll-shaped or memory foam pillow must be positioned under the neck and head. Adding a pillow and keeping one arm on a pillow beneath the knees offers additional support for the spine alignment.

3. When sleeping on the stomach position: This sleeping position is inclined to make the head turn, the back arch, and stressing the neck. Changing sleep positions can be a challenge, however, trying to fall asleep in the most suitable position is recommended. Another choice is to position the pillow beneath the forehead so that the nose is raised up and the neck and head can stay in a more neutral position. Moreover, the abdomen and the hips must be positioned to uphold the natural curve in the lower spine.

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4. When sitting up: The pillow with the horseshoe-shaped body can be supportive in preventing neck strain while sleeping in the sitting position, like sitting for a long duration in a car or on a plane. The small pillow that completely supports the neck and is not slighted too much to one side is advised for sitting position. The pillow must be small enough to properly fit the neck size and the head is aligned over the shoulders and not pushing forward.

Neck pain or neck stiffness is really frustrating which might also lead to sleep issues like insomnia. In this regard, selecting the most appropriate pillow that properly matches the sleeping position is very essential. Sleepsia is the leading brand globally which cares for all those who suffer from sleep issues. Thus, Sleepsia’s main goal is to ensure that it delivers premium luxury pillows with a hassle-free delivery process. To purchase the best one, simply visit the Sleepsia official website and place order according to your sleep needs and choice.