Could That Shoulder Pain Really Stem From the Neck?

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Shoulder pain is caused by various injuries and health problems like from arthritis, Tendon Tears, Calcific Tendonitis, Instability, and Tendinitis, etc. Sometimes Shoulder pain results a chronic neck pain which further leads to swelling, numbness, stiffness, severe pain etc. Shoulder part is sensitive with numerous joints combined with tendons and muscles that allow arms movements effortless.

When the shoulder pain is spread from the neck pain, it is highly recommended to consult a doctor and seek treatment since more than one nerve runs from the neck to the shoulder that could be risky. Wrong sleeping position with unsupportive pillow twists the nerve alignment and bends it wrongly causing severe pain to neck and shoulder.

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How Shoulder Pain Feels When It’s Actually a Neck Problem

If a cervical nerve becomes irritated or compressed in the neck, it can result in neck pain that emits along the course of the nerve to shoulder, hand or arm. This is termed as cervical radiculopathy.

Radicular pain and associated symptoms can differ and comprise any of the following:

• Pain that undergoes anywhere from dull or mild to sharp, lancination or severe pain
• Pain that arrives and goes or is unrelenting and constant
• Pain that remains in the same area, like the shoulder blade, or pain that spreads out along the nerve and shift to shoulder down the arm
• The scratchy area might feel like a needles-and-pins sensation, which could be in one spot or spread throughout the shoulder and the arm
• Numbness or weakness in the shoulder or arm could be sporadic or constant

Symptoms might differ from the depending on the core pathology, and individual’s exceptional perception and anatomy of pain. Mostly cervical radiculopathy is caused on only one side of the body.

Common Causes of Radicular Pain in the Shoulder

• Cervical degenerative disc disease: When a disc misplaces enough hydration it turns into thinner and weak to perform a task, producing severe pain and possibly pressuring or irritating on the nearby nerve root.

• Cervical herniated disc: The intervertebral disc comprises of a solid outer layer and a flexible inner layer. In case the outer layer obtains a tear that lets the inner gel to spread out, that can irritate or inflame nearby nerve root.

• Cervical osteoarthritis: When a surface joint in the neck grow to be arthritic, the inflammation and extra bone growth can change the spacing and joint’s size, which result in a nerve root being or irritated.

• Cervical foraminal stenosis. This occurs when the nerve becomes condensed while going throughout the small hole in the construct bony vertebral. The thinning of the foramen can cause in diverse ways, like by a herniated disc or the overgrowth of bone spurs.

Supportive pillow helps in relieving the shoulder & neck pain

Shoulder pain is caused due to various reasons which increase over time and sometimes spreads from neck pain to shoulder to arm. Supportive orthopedic pillow such as Bamboo memory foam pillow, Contour pillow, infused gel memory foam pillow, shredded memory foam pillow, cervical pillow, shoulder memory foam pillow etc. helps in relieving the neck and shoulder pain./Along with the proper treatment, it’s also necessary to invest time and money to choose the right pillow supporting your sleep position.

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