How to Break in Your Bamboo Pillow

What is Bamboo Pillow?

Bamboo Pillow is becoming popular day by day and Bamboo pillow’s covers are made up of Bamboo which has been broken down into fibers. This fiber is most comfortable and it is also hypoallergic and antimicrobial. Inside of these pillows, you can find out memory foam which makes it more comfortable and makes you fold the pillow for various sleeping positions.

Once your pillow has arrived in flat condition after that you need to take it out and prepare it to use. This is how it is shipped to save cost and space while sending courier items. The first look will make you a little embarrassing but you cannot use them as it is. There are some steps following which you can easily make the pillow comfortable as per yourself.

How to break in your pillow

Once the pillow is unwrapped from the packaging you can smell coming from foam, however, don’t worry about the same as it is obvious to new foam. Take it and put it in an open place for 24 hrs away from people and your pets to avoid any chemicals effects which may be released.

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Once the gas is removed just take the pillow and shake it to lose the shredded memory foam inside. You can do some kneading with your hands to remove big clumps, practice your boxing punches to make sure that all the chunks are covered. The next step is to properly break up your bamboo pillow, just going to the next step remove the pillow cover to protect it from the dryer. Now next step is to put your pillow in the dryer. Run the dryer for 10 min in low heat, remember don’t use too much heat after 10 min let it absorb air.

Regular use

If you are using the pillow you need to fluff the pillow frequently, do remember to do the fluffing when you make your bed in the morning so that it can take sufficient time to be in the air. The fluffiness of some pillows can be adjusted to your level of comfort by removing some of the fillings and maybe putting them back later when the need arises.

How to Wash Pillows

You should read every warning related to washing. Obviously you would not wash the pillows every after some days. Make a habit to wash the pillow twice a year. You need mild detergent and a pillow drying rack to maintain pillow shape while drying. Remove the pillow from its cover and wash the pillow in mid warm water with mild detergent. Remember using too hot and too cold water can ruin your pillow. Now hand washes the pillow in the basin with a little warm water. Gently rub the pillow and once it is cleaned rinse it again and again until the complete soap is removed from the pillow. At last, just put the pillow in open-air preferably under the sun so that it can entirely dry.

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