Pillows for King Size Bed

King size bed needs big and comfortable pillows before sleeping. Pillows come in a variety of sizes and that also as per the bed size and there are many sizes available in the market and such as standard, queen, or jumbo. It depends totally on the bed size and comfortable nature of the pillow. Before going to bed you need to match the pillow according to your bed size. Pillows complete the look of the bed with the bedsheet and without pillows it is incomplete.

Why Pillow size matters

Queen Size Bamboo PillowMostly all the people prefer sleeping with the pillows on the bed, however, if you are sleeping on a wrong size pillow it may disturb your sleep at night. The right pillow functions as the perfect support for the head. To maintain healthy spinal, alignment, to prevent yourself from neck ache and back pain you should choose the pillow support.

Types of Pillows for King Size Bed

Many types of materials are available for the pillow such as down, polyester, memory foam, which is being used to fill inside of the pillow. The pillow depends on the filled material and the quality of the cover.

Feather pillow

Feather pillows are used to fill with the feathers. These types of pillows are very soft and feel warm and more expensive as compare to other pillows. The quantity of filled material decides the firmness of the pillow as the more it will fill the more pillow will be comfortable.

Polyester Pillow

These pillows are filled with polyester and these are generally not very expensive and the life of those pillows is not so long. These can be washed with the machine and are hypoallergenic.

Memory foam pillow

Memory foam pillows are the best pillows that molds as per the structure of the head or body. The dense, sponge-like memory foam gives you excellent pressure relief. These can be made from either a solid block of foam with the shredded. These types of pillows are soft and contour to the natural position as per the neck region. Solid memory foam pillows help you to the people who prefer more uniform support.

Below are the sizes for the pillows:

  • Bamboo PillowStandard size pillow– 20” tall * 26” wide
  • Queen Size pillow– 20” tall * 30 ”wide
  • King size pillows– 20” tall*36” Wide

Pillow size available

  • California king– This is the largest size pillow available which is majorly used. With the king-sized bed, you should be a king-size pillow to match. Size of California king size bed pillow is 20” long by 36” wide.
  • Regular King– Regular king size pillow is the same size as of California king size bed and it is also a size of 20” long and 36” width.
  • Queen Size– Having a king-size bed doesn’t mean that you can only use the king-size pillow. You can try mixing and matching different sizes for better comfort. Its size is approx 20” long and 30” width.
  • Regular Size– You can also decorate your bed with the multiple standard size pillows and can be used for extra comfort. This pillow usually comes in 20” long and 26” wide.

Factors to remember while buying a king-sized pillow

If you are looking to get a new king size bamboo pillow then you need to check out the below information which helps you to buy a king-sized pillow.

  • Brand– In the market there are hundreds of brands that provide pillows as per the comfort of the users. Always buy the pillows that value for money.
  • Budget– This is an important factor for everyone. You surely need to prepare for the budget before stepping out of the home to buy the pillow. Although there is no fixed range of the pillow still, it is a good practice to know about your budget.
  • Cover Material– The pillow cover protects the pillow from dust, bacteria and it also offers a comfortable sleeping surface. Many types of cover material are available in the market such as cotton, Bamboo, poly threads, eucalyptus fiber, copper infusions, wool.
  • Filled material– This is the most important factor which everyone needs to keep in mind if you forget this point it may hamper your comfort. Some most popular filed materials are Down and feathers, memory foam, gel, Latex, Wool, Water, Innerspring.
  • Pillow Loft– Loft simply is the height of the pillow. Pilow either comes in fixed heights or adjustable heights. Pillow loft should be checked before buying the pillow.
  • Sleeping Posture– Keeping sleeping posture in mind is good to practice as it also depends on which pillow you should choose. Back sleeper mostly selects the medium select pillow, stomach sleepers select the flat pillow, and for the combination pillow-soft to the medium pillow.
  • Warranty and Sleep Trials– warranty helps you to get help if there are any problems that occur with the pillow and if it is in warranty period you can easily change or get brand help.

How to maintain the pillow

Queen PillowAfter buying the pillow its a great question for everyone. How to keep your pillows in great condition always, although many brands say that the pillows cover given by them are washable and can keep the pillow in good condition. A pillow protector is a great thing to cover and protect the pillows. Get the pillow best for your healthy sleep and do checks all of the above-given information for a good and pillow in your budget.

Pillow market is very big and you should be very careful while buying the pillow and should consider many things which make helps you to buy the best pillow in your budget.

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