Queen Bamboo Pillow – An Essence of Sound Sleep

Say goodbye to all sleepless nights, go to more comfortable and supportive memory foam pillows. This pair of queen-size pillows are filled with all-natural memory foam which is an anti-allergy and bacterial free also. These pillows will fit just as nicely you want and make you realize that you get relief from all neck and shoulder pain while sleeping.

These queen pillows will fit perfectly align to your head, neck and shoulder positions and you will get relief from all joints pains. You can enjoy your sleep on a 300 soft thread that gives you soft, comfortable support throughout the whole night.

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Find the perfect pillow with the queen-sized seraphic cool slumber gel pillow. These pillows are filled with poly cotton features a touch of gel in its fabric to make a soft in nature that never heats up, even during the summer season.

Features which make Queen Pillows best choice:

● High-quality fabric: This Queen bamboo pillow is filled with cotton and hypo-allergic fabrics, which make your sleep more reliable and healthier. The layout of this pillow is adjustable according to your neck, shoulder, and head throughout the night.
● Get more comforts: These Queen Size bamboo pillows will make your sleep more comfortable and reliable while sleeping. They are filled with 3D hollow silicon material which aligns according to your head, shoulder and neck positions while sleeping.
● No more sweaty bed head: Queen-size memory foam pillow fabric is made up of bamboo-derived viscose rayon and polyester which give a breathable environment and soft support. The cooling gel memory foam helps to draw out all heat and keep your sleep at a well-suited temperature.

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● Don’t need to adjust your pillow: There queen-size pillows are featured with the patent-pending adjustable model, which makes your pillow auto-adjustable according to your sleeping position.
● Ideal size: These premium queen-size memory foam pillows having perfect size including 20x30 inch dimensions and weight of the queen-size is very light nearer to 950 g.

You can enjoy hassle-free sleep with a 2 Pack Queen Pillow that offers a 1-year guarantee.