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An ideal pillow personifies the quality of sleep you gain. Good pillows have the capacity of easing your pain with complete support and providing comfortable sleep. On the contradictory, a wrong pillow can worsen the sleep quality and condition.

Orthopedic Pillows Best for Extra Neck Support

Sleepsia contour memory foam pillow contoured to pack the spaces beneath the neck and head can be useful for alleviating cervical spine pain. It is also called as orthopedic pillow due to its therapeutic solution to neck and cervical pain. This pillow is designed in a contour shape and has a deeper curve where the neck completely fits the shape and provides extra support.

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Body Pillows Fulfill Many Needs

A suitable pillow performs several functions depending on the sleep position, body size, and preference. It can serve various needs and can support the neck and head. Body memory foam pillow is mostly preferred for the head and knees and especially recommended for pregnant women to add extra support for the abdomen. It is usually designed in J shape with a gap for the ear, to embrace the head in an accurate spinal alignment.

Personal Choice for Comfort

Personal choice and needs are the key factors of any pillow selection. If the pillow feels relaxing and comfortable, its pleasure to fall asleep and remain asleep; however, the personal need differs from person to person.

Pillow Texture

The pillow texture is one of the most important source of sound sleep. A smooth-feeling, cool pillowcase is ideal for some, whilst warm surfaces, like flannel, are perfect for others.

Warm vs. Cool

Researchers’ study on 30 minute testing of each pillow says that the contour orthopedic pillow has a lower area for the head and higher sides for the neck to say cool. Feather pillows are the warmest. The infused gel memory foam pillow is adaptable to the body temperature and the contour memory foam pillows stay neutral.

Pillow Options

There are ample choices in case of pillows and their material in the market and thus, difficult to find the best without knowing the proper features. Some of the general fillings in a pillow are:

  • Polyester or Down
  • Water
  • Latex
  • Memory foam
  • Buckwheat Hulls

Pillows that Meet All Requirements:

Pillows are available in an array of shapes and sizes. Some of the most popular types of pillows and their uses are:

Wedge pillows. People suffering from chronic back pain and from back surgery often need an extra support and a comfortable pillow. Wedge pillows restructure the recliner posture in bed. In fact, a ‘set of 2 wedge pillows’offer a related raised position for the upper legs and body

Travel pillows. Ideal pillows while travelling must be Small U-shaped which prevent the neck and head from twisting too far to one side or another.

Coccyx cushion. These pillows have a hole in the back which allows you to sit without pressure on the back. Those suffering from a bruised or broken tailbone or have coccygeal pain need coccyx pillow.

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Contour Pillow: These pillows are ideal for those suffering from cervical or neck pain to get relieved. It gives better support and comfort.

Lumbar support pillow. Lumbar support pillow is also helpful while sitting in a car. When the cervical lumbar is supported, the downward pressures of gravity is absorbed better, as opposed to a slouched lumbar or non-supported straight spine.

Get Additional Support!

It’s very essential to know your needs and other factors related to sleeping. It is usually recommended to substitute a pillow after about 2 to 3 years to avoid further complications. Sleepsia, in this regard, provides comprehensive information to know your needs and preferences. Our team also helps to get you the perfect pillow according to your needs. Sleepsia is a leading global brand which cares for all your sleeping needs and considers the complications you face. Thus, it ensures a hassle-free delivery process. To purchase the best one, simply visit the Sleepsia official website www.sleepsia.co.

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