Sleepsia Ventilated Memory Foam Contour Pillow: Boost Better Breathability!

Sleepsia Ventilated Memory Pillow

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Sleepsia Ventilated Memory Foam Contour Pillow

Right pillow helps to brings you support and comfort to enhance the sleep quality. This allows gaining sufficient sound sleep by helping to alleviate sleep & health issues such as shoulder pain, neck stiffness, back pain, snoring, headache, insomnia etc. Ventilated Air Cell Infused Gel memory foam pillow improves the respiratory function for better breathing that can improve sleep and endorse airflow to uphold the neutral temperature and keep the neck cool during sleep.

The physicians usually recommend using orthopedic memory foam pillow in contour shape for comfort and relaxed sleep. The contour pillow is ergonomically wave designed to support the side and back sleepers to personalize the fit to the neck curvature without troubling the straight spinal alignment.

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Combined With High-Density Memory Foam And Gel Technology

Sleepsia Memory foam pillow is popularly known for high-density memory foam, high durability, long service life, accurate dimension, tremendous tensile strength, perfect finishing rust proof nature, Ventilated Air Cell Gel Technology, pressure relief point, premium quality material, and cooling gel technology.

The contoured design reduces the pressure and distributes the weight evenly to properly conform to the natural curvature of the alignment of the spine for a restful and sound sleep, Sleepsia pillow is made of high-quality ventilated infused-gel memory foam that promotes better airflow to keep you cool while sleeping.

Sleepsia – The Key To Better Air Circulation

This ventilated contour memory foam pillow comprises of cooling gel technology combined with high-density memory foam. The cool gel technology perfectly disperses the body heat and improves the respiratory function for enhanced breathability to uphold the neutral temperature and maintains the cooling effect. The contour wave shape is ideal for back and side sleepers.

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Therapeutic Therapy To Sleep Issues

The cool gel pillow absorbs the temperature and reduces pressure to adjust to your shape by creating the perfect support for your neck, head, and shoulders. This allows your muscles to relax fully at night and wake up more relaxed and fresh.

This pillow helps to ease sleep issues and relieves problems like neck pain, shoulder pain, snoring, insomnia, loss of concentration, cranial neuralgia, cervical pain stroke etc.

Special Features Of Ventilated Memory Foam Pillow

• Comfortable for Any Sleep Position: This pillow provides optimum support for your sleeping position. It is a therapeutic solution to neck, cervical, back, and stomach pain. The comfort level enhances the sleep quality with complete relaxation and sound sleep.

• Straight spine alignment: Contour shape of the ventilated pillow is designed to fit the neck curvature and supports the neck and spine muscles in proper alignment. This perfectly fits the sleep position by aligning and supporting your head, back, shoulder, and neck.

• Ventilated Air Cell Infused Gel Technology: This pillow improves the respiratory function for better breathing that can increase sleep and endorse airflow to maintain cooling during sleep.

• High-quality material: Our anti-allergen, dust-mint resistant, hypoallergenic and polyester proprietary combine pillow provides a soft and firmer surface to sleep comfortably.

• Memory Foam Contour shape: The contour memory foam pillow is ergonomically wave designed to alternate between a lower contour and higher contour for the support that’s just accurate for you.

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Sleepsia is a popular brand across the USA delivering high-quality memory foam pillows. The orthopedic pillow is the therapeutic solution for improving the sleep quality and relieving the sleep issues like neck and cervical pain. The delivery process is customer-friendly with proper details given for each product.

To purchase Sleepsia pillows, simply visit the official website, identify your choice and place an order depending on your sleep position or call at 1800-862-1084 in case of any doubts or queries.